Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A Nonny No - A Comment on Blog Terminology

One common feature of blogging are the 'anonymous' posters - those who drop by and leave a comment without leaving their name.
Here is a short explanation of the correct terminology to use when talking about these anonymous posters.

Anonymouse: A person who leaves a snarky comment but is too cowardly/timid to leave their name.

Anonymice: The plural of Anonymouse. Having two or more Anonymice on your blog at the same time is a terrifyingly humorous spectacle.

Anonymoose: An anonymous poster who is brave enough to leave their name and/or contact details with their snarky posting.

Pop Culture References

The Anonymouse that Roared: Ealing Film, produced c. 1950, about an early example of the species Anonymouse.

Nancy Wake, the White Anonymouse: British war hero, who went under Nazi blog-lines to operate as a spy.

Bullwinkle the Anonymoose: American cartoon character, featuring heavily in blogs of the 1960s/70s.

UPDATE - And before I forget: Anonymousse (A french Anonymouse), Anonymous Animus (A battle between two Anonymoose) and of course Phenomenanonymous (A truly phenomenal collection of Anonymice). BTW - original idea for this posting came up on this thread.


Gempires said...

Hee hee, I love it when you do these kinds of posts.

TimT said...

Wait'll you see the follow up I've got planned...

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