Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Sucking Hell!

Two new, rising stars of the blogosphere. First up, the funny and self-deprecatory Darlene Taylor:

My aim is to be quite informal with this blog, because like most people I tend to crap on the best when I don't think too much. Of course, that statement suggests that sometimes I do think and that would be a gross lie and possibly defamatory.

Of course, she's having you on. Her blog is one of the most entertaining and thoughtful blogs around ... I think...

Secondly, the Checkout Chicks, who explain...

This blog isn't all about how much you guys suck, it's also about how much we suck.

So there you have it. Checkout Chicks suck. Click here to find out how much...

And guess what? I just noticed that I mixed up the URL's for the links. So I guess that means I suck too! I suck, you suck, we all suck together! Visit these blogs now and join in the festival of suckage!

UPDATE - Darlene has now moved here due to problems with blogger.

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