Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I'm Just Saying

For no reason at all, I would like to inform you that nominations for the Australian blog awards are being accepted.

For no reason at all, I would also like to mention that there are categories for Best Humour Blog, Best NSW blog, Best Victorian Blog, Best New Blog, etc, etc.

Why not go over there and make a nomination?

For no reason at all.


Anonymous said...

Darlin', for the LIFE of me I can't think of who POSSIBLY to nominate!

Oh, and listen, just for the record, in the side bar where we are supposed to vote for our favourite swear words, they won't let me mark all of them as in "all of the above."

- Redsaid

TimT said...

All Swear Words Were Created Equal, hmmm? Makes sense.

And I can't for the LIFE of my fathom the reason why, but I've already been nominated twice!

R H said...

I've nominated you. Without hesitation.

TimT said...

Cheers R H. You're a sport.

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