Monday, December 13, 2004

The Most Boring Word in the English Language

What is the most boring word in the English language? What is the word, that when spoken, heard, or read, is most likely to induce yawning and a deadly torpor of disinterest?
Some people may argue that it is the prepositions, but I would disagree: it is true that prepositions are not inherently interesting words in themselves, but they are useful. And in their utility lies their interest.

No; for me, the most boring word in the English language would have to be 'strung'. I shall strive, from now on, to make Will Type For Food the blog a 'strung' free-zone.


Jeff said...

I find 'crepuscular' always livens things up, but you have to slip it in carefully, so it doesn't stand out

Jeff said...

PS Buggery is a dead link, fyi

TimT said...

You mean when I adopt the Rich Australian Vernacular (TM), and tell everyone to bloody go to buggery!, they won't know what to do? Bloody hell!

Shall fix that immediately. Thanks Jeff.

Rich Ahmann said...

I am looking forward to your posts.

viagra online said...

The worse word for me in any leanguage it's study, but not in general, let me explain... I like to study what I like, example, technology, hack, psycology and some other stuff and I don't like to study high school... it's boring that's why I never finished and start studying programming by myself.
That's the meaning for me.

Anonymous said...

a top ten:
1. plate
2. plane
3. plain
4. slate
5. flour
6. seat
7. slope
8. front
9. frame
10. cole

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