Sunday, December 05, 2004

Tsk Tsk

Some naughty person has nominated this disgraceful website for the 2004 Weblog Awards in the 'Best Australian Blog' category.
I'm not naming any names, but rest assured that the person has been contacted and given a strong reprimand for their irresponsible activities. They know who they are, and I recommend that they go and stand in the corner of the room and think about what they have done. Or, if they live in a tower and their house doesn't have any corners, I suggest they write out a thousand times 'I will not nominate Will Type For Food ever again'.

Having said that, I suggest that my readers (all two of them) head to the website:

And vote for somebody else. If you are a fascist, and enjoy eating babies, oppressing the working classes, etc, etc, I suggest that you vote for Tim Blair. If you are a Communist, and you are wont to indulge in Gulags and Pogroms and the worship of brutal dictators, may I recommend you cast your ballot for Ausculture? Thankyou.


Darlene Taylor said...

Too late, TimT, I think I put in a vote for you, but I also went back later and voted for someone else, so perhaps they cancel each other out if that makes you feel any better. It is good to have the "little blogger people" (no, I don't mean dwarf bloggers) represented.

Take a bow, TimT and don't be shy, you're a minor celebrity.

TimT said...

Well. I hardly think I should be encouraging you people, but if you insist on voting for me ... then, well, thank you very much.

kathrynoh said...

Vote 1 Tim Train...woohoo! Hey, since I've posted here like once, do I get to share the nomination honours?

TimT said...

I daresay that the only reason this site was nominated was because of your postings. So have as much of the glory as you like!

Email: timhtrain - at -

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