Thursday, August 04, 2005

Alternative Rhymes for Country Music Singers

This is an extremely valid point:
... the current infestation of Austin-based singer-songwriters who continue to employ the overwrought phrase "I'm down on my knees!" and then rhyming it with "please" (but never "cheese") in their trite masterworks ...
Country music singers, please take note. Your lame rhymes and cliched imagery has been brought to our attention. Since your artistic and, indeed, professional integrity may be brought into disrepute, I am willing, as a public service, to suggest a range of alternative rhymes.


I'm down on my knees

Instead of:

And begging you, please ...

The following will add a touch of class:

Can't I have some of that gorgonzola cheese?

While there is just a hint of pathos in

AAAAAGH! I'm being attacked by killer bees!

Or then there is the gently whimsical:

I knew I should never have drunk that bloody anti-freeze.


Oh, please don't go away

Instead of:

I'm asking you today


I'm begging you to stay

Or indeed,

Oh honey babe, I pray

Why not:

- I love you even if you're gay?
- I love you even if you're Che?
- I love you even if you do insist on wearing that beret?
Or indeed:

I love your canapes?


Last year, you broke my heart

Instead of,

Though you said we'd never part

Why not add some interest to your song with an incisive political statement -

When you showed to me your macro-economic chart?

That's enough for the moment. Feel free to add more suggestions in comments ...


Tony.T said...

I prefer lyme rhames.

Tony.T said...

On considered reflection; that was an entirely worthless comment.

Sara said...

lovely, wonderful and lovely.

TimT said...

'sokay, Tony, this entire blog is a useless comment.

Rachy said...

shit post. Now I'm going to have random country songs running through my head all day. That's what I have to say. Country songs are gay. but I guess you've got your way-ay-ay because the rhythm is here to stay-ay-ay AAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH

TimT said...

Now I'm going to have random country songs running through my head all day.

*Makes triangle with fingers*

Excellent. It's all falling into place. That was, of course, my evil plan all along. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!

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