Saturday, August 20, 2005

Lady Luck, Lady Schmuck

Flat hunting today. Why? I've been asking that myself that same question.

I'll post the sorry tale of how this came about another time. I was rather grumpy about the whole thing, but after a few drinks last night, I became somewhat more philosophical.
Anyway, my current predicament can be summed up in one word: life sucks.

Well, that's two words. But you know what I mean.


TimT said...

In another word: flatmates.

In another word: a flatmate.

Vikki said...

I know the feeling. Except I got lazy and moved in with some relatives rather than go through that whole looking for a roof over my head thing. Whereabouts are you looking?

TimT said...

EVERYWHERE. Focusing on here in Brunswick, or Port Melbourne, where I work.

a bored and sober linguist said...

if you took away the space in between life and sucks it could be one word?!

Chicken Little said...

Life only sucks going in, it blows going out

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