Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Glasses

I had no idea, until today, what 'emo glasses' were. But I was having a conversation this afternoon with D. and F. when the subject of emo glasses came up. Apparently all the women wear them. As a matter of fact, I googled 'emo glasses' and I came up with a lot of pictures of cute chicks wearing the things. Indeed, you could say that a cute chick feels naked without her emo glasses.

'If you talk to them right,' I was told, 'the cute chicks will take off their emo glasses for you.'
Helpful advice, to be sure. But I'd prefer tricking the chicks to take off their emo glasses for me. Devious person that I am, I'd shout something at the womenfolk like, 'Hey! Look! It's Germaine Greer!'. Then, while they turn in the other direction to look, I would whip their emo glasses from their eyes, leaving them metaphorically, if not actually, naked.

Yes, those cute emo glass wearing chicks would be defenceless before my masculine guile and cunning. If you are a cute emo glass wearing chick, you should be very, very afraid.


Rachy said...

wouldn't it be more fun if you could just as easily convince a chick to take off her clothes and be properly naked?

TimT said...

What, you mean that the glasses aren't the only things they're wearing?

You just can't trust anybody these days.

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