Thursday, August 04, 2005

Insightful Marty

Marty lays into 'idiotic social conservatives' who have problems with sex in computer games:
... if you haven't played it, don't assume you are an expert on it. Likewise, if you buy it for your kids and are too stupid to figure out that a name like "Grand Theft Auto" and a rating sticker that says "MA15+" (or M17+ if you're in America) is a game NOT aimed at kids, do us all a favour and shut the fuck up.
Tell me about it. Once I had a great idea for a video game which I submitted to the Australian Censorship Bureau. It was going to be called The Savage Breast, and it would have been about a psychopathic, genetically-modified breast that stalked through a hospital of deformed third-world children with a bazooka, blasting anything that moved to the sounds of Beethoven's Ode to Joy. Apparently it got rejected because I mispelt something in the proposal.

Actually, that's a lie. But it could easily have been the truth.

Speaking of boobs, it's about time someone thought of this....


Marty said...

*Twilight Zone music*

I say there needs to be more games like the Conker games. Cutesy, cartoony talking animals that swear, drink and throw around the most inappropriate of sexual references.

Rachy said...

does anyone remember Leisure Suit Larry? I remember playing again when I was like 10 years old... hilarious stuff!

TimT said...

I wish I knew what you guys were talking about ... my childhood was tragically deprived. I hardly played any video games...

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