Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sextra Sensory Perception

He was an empath and she was a telepath. They met in the upper regions of some cosmic nexus of innerspace. He empathed over to her, transmitting thoughts of peace and love, and complimented her on the colour of her aura. She had just had it changed that morning, and radiated feelings of happiness back to him. Their frequencies vibrated resonantly with one another.

"I'm getting in touch with my inner self," she thought towards him.

"I'd like to do that to," he thought back, meaningfully.

From then on, they just seemed to think into one another all the time. It was like fate. Certainly their planets were in alignment. In dreams he saw his Aries on the cusp of her Venus. She meditated to the songs of whales, burning scented candles. She imagined her aromatic odours mingling with his essential oils. Their kundalinis twined around one another.

Then, one evening, in a higher plane of existence, they found themselves alone together. He thought to her how much he loved her spirit. She radiated back that she just adored his subconscious. Suddenly, he decided that enough was enough, and he bared his soul to her. She telepathed back a smile, and showed him her Elektra complex. Then he showed her his penis envy. They stripped back their outer selves to reveal their archetypes.

He massaged her yings and she pulled at his yang. She entered his Oedipus complex and he embraced her centredness. "Oh!" she thought. "Ah!" he vibrated. They spiraled around and around one another, entering higher and higher states of ecstasy. Their twonesses became a oneness until finally, they had achieved the cosmic atonement with The All. She ectoplasmed all over the room. Their spirits shuddering together, they finally achieved nirvana. It felt good.

Afterwards, she channeled her number to him.

Days later, he finally worked up the courage to call.


"Hello? Yes?"

"Is that Sharon?"

"Yes ...", she said. "Is that Ben?"

He trembled for a moment. It was too amazing.

"Sorry," he yelped. "wrong number!"

He hung up. There was something about the way she spoke. Achieving nirvana together was one thing, but the karma was all wrong. Their Qis just weren't right for one another.

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