Friday, May 16, 2008

Bill O'Reilly's beautiful soul

Here's a clip of famous American presenter Bill O'Reilly struggling to read from a teleprompter. I got it from Club Troppo.

Of especial interest is the way he snorts through his nose when he gets angry, his apparent difficulty with the name 'Sting' and the phrase 'to play us out', and the rapid change from angry shouty Bill O'Reilly to benevolently beaming Bill O'Reilly.

But I don't know what everybody's laughing at. O'Reilly is merely doing what he does best here. He's performed the nose-snorting successfully in many hard-hitting political interviews, and later on, the angry shouty act was actually scripted into his teleprompt. In fact, this impromptu act merely sets the scene for later renowned performances.

Bill O'Reilly is a devoted husband and loving father, and is said to practice for his shows by reading books to his children at home.


Caz said...

He whinnies so well he could have a new career as a fun-ride pony at the local fair.

He goes from a cold start to hotter than hell in a second. There's another job opportunity for him: gas heating ignition.

As acts of macho fury go, is ripping off your suit jacket in the top five? It just seems, you know, a bit girly, a bit prelude to quick sex, a bit idiot-like. Maybe it's a guy thing. Maybe I would have found it more convincing if he'd ripped off his trousers and his undies.

TimT said...

He does it twice, too. Maybe he didn't know any other way to assert his aggression?

It's such acts of confident self-assertion that have taken him to the top of the media ladder in the most Powerful Nation In The World!

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