Friday, May 02, 2008

For the good of society

Free the chemicals now!


Caz said...

Arsenic is natural, wouldn't suggest you use it as shampoo though.

The whole "natural" marketing spiel really pisses-me-off.

Women are suckers for this crap and run like lemmings to be ripped-off.

Maria said...

Know what you mean caz. The other side is, of course, if people don't like something, they'll start calling it "unnatural", a handy label a bit like "un-Australian".

"The cream going off so soon is just unnatural."


TimT said...

I like Caz's line of thinking. Maybe we could start a line of 'natural' products, they'd sell like hotcakes:

NATURAL arsenic shampoo!

NATURAL dog poo face cream!

NATURAL cyanide chocolate drops!

Caz said...

Let's not forget the benefits of all natural free range poison ivy and tobacco.

Maria said...

What a lovely idea, TimT. Don't even bother recycling that sewerage before you stick it into a bottle and sell it back to us as a beverage.

It's so much better NATURAL!

TimT said...

It's such a wonderful idea, isn't it? If consumers still express doubts about paying money for the product, we could just say to them, 'Oh, don't worry. It's NATURAL for you to give us money, and downright UN-NATURAL for you to keep your money.' And if they write in and complain, we can just say 'These complaints are UN-NATURAL!' etc, etc.

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