Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Blogging as a conceptual art

Imitation of a blog post written by a person who is sitting in a tub full of live eels

Hello! This is a blog post being written by me, Tim T, who is currently sitting in a tub full of ... ah! Oooh! Ewwwww! ... as I say, this is a blog post, written by me, currently... ooooh! Hahahahaha! OUCH! I didn't know these things had tee... er, anyway. Blog post. I wrote it. I'm currently sitting in this tu... YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! How did that get in...BUZZ! Hey, who was the joker that slipped an electric... Yuck! Ooh! ooh! hey! hey! Wha... OW! HA! UNGGGGGH! Get out get out get out! Engh! Ooof! Right! So, as I was saying. I'm sitting amongst these live eels, and would just like to say this important thing about politi... OHHHHHH NOOOOO! How did that thing get in my p... no! no! don't go the... out! out! out! out! I don't understand, I had it all zipped up and the belt was... AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!

This has been an imitation of a blog post written by a person who is sitting in a tub full of live eels

UPDATE! - Squelch!


Dale Slamma said...

I wish I wish I wish they had been electric eels.


Mitzi G Burger said...

This is an imitation of a live eel responding to a blog post: wriggle, wriggle - at least I'm not wrapped in rice and seaweed.

TimT said...

Now I've done this imitation eel post, I'm wondering what to do with all these imitation eels.

Imitation jellied eel, anyone?

Maria said...

imitation eel sushi!

TimT said...

Our unreal eel is the real deal!

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