Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cheap for its price!

For sale in all leading grocers!

Not made of any 'chemicals' at all. That's right, ours is the only medically-recognised food stuff to contain NO CHEMICALS WHATSOEVER!

Avoids all other dangerous substances, such as

That's right!
FOOD(tm)! is made of no substance from the known universe.

is also:
- Non-addictive
- Non-fattening
- Environmentally friendly
- Cheap for its* price

Buy and eat FOOD(tm)! now!

NOTE: If black holes and/or lepton vortexes form in your stomach while eating FOOD(tm)!, we cannot be held legally responsible.

We can neither confirm nor deny that FOOD(tm)! looks and tastes like Flubber.

*Hideously expensive.


tigtog said...

Ooh! Shiny!

Dale Slamma said...

I wish this was true and if it was true that it was not hideously expensive. I am envious of my cat, she has cat biscuits that could potentially, if I was not a more careful pet owner, supply all of her nutritional needs in one handy easy to store box. I require Dale Biscuits and a bowl of fresh water.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Can I have this in strawberry flavour?

Grouch said...

God you are making me hungry

Caz said...

What about all the people who prefer their food round?

Seriously, flipping that cube in the fry pan is going to be difficult.

TimT said...

We are pleased that FOOD(tm)! has met with a favourable reception - especially since, with our planned takeover of all food production outlets next week, this will soon be the only source of nutrification available.

Better than all molecular-based meals! Plus, every 400th package of FOOD(tm)! comes with a free sticker!

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