Thursday, May 29, 2008

Perfect in his cromulence

All right, then. I admit it. I've been reading Bolt's blog. He does some very good posts, though his spelling often leaves something to be desired. This morning, he quoted Sydney Morning Herald writer Amanda Devine, leading me to wonder if he'd unearthed another member of the Devine clan. I commented on it at the time, and he subsequently amended the post (though my comment remains unpublished; I think I may have wounded his pride!)

Then again, maybe Amanda Devine really does exist. Maybe she's living in Austria, malapropriate land of the kangaroo and drop bear, along with celebrated Australian actor Kate Blanchett, artist Bill Hansen, and maybe politician Pauline Henson as well. Of course, all is not well in Austria: they are known to practice mortarboarding, and there are concerns about bomb communities. Nevertheless, noted writers Imre Salusinsinsinsinsinsinsinzky and Angela Shanahanrahan, amongst others, keep a firm eye on the values of the community. And of course, every week, they gather around the flag and sing the Austrian Notional Anthem, "Austrians, all let us ring Joyce..."

Makes sense!


Anonymous said...

"I commented on it at the time, and he subsequently amended the post (though my comment remains unpublished; I think I may have wounded his pride!) "

He did publish a comment from someone using the screen name Schultz of Gold Coast at (08:05am) which corrected him on the name as well, so I doubt it was a "wounded-pride" thing. Comments there do go missing, especially when the new L-plate mods are on, especially on his column-writing days (Tues and Thurs).

Cheers mate.

TimT said...

Yeah, I noticed that, though my comment was specifically making fun of his propensity for mispellings, pointing out several mistakes - a shorter version of this post, in fact. So I thought that's why it mightn't have got through. But thanks for that, interesting to hear.

Anonymous said...

No worries, Tim. Comments poking fun at The Bolta (and other irreverent etc comments) actually seem more likely to go through when he himself is doing the moderating, I've noticed. The L-plater mods have an annoying habit of "disappearing" comments without even putting a SNIP in.

Anyway, *I* thought your post here was funny - Heaven help us the day we can't take the mickey!

Caz said...

Every now and then I send an innocuous comment through to a MSM blog, and find the endevour mostly unsuccessful - if one considers having a comment posted to be in the realms of "success" of some kind.

It bamboozles me.

They are not blogs, as far as I can tell, other than in name.

Mind you, I don't find the comments to be engaging in any case, with no immediacy, I lose interest after a few seconds. Lots of people rattling around talking to themselves. Although, some of them obviously have far more time and a much higher boredom threshold than me, as there are some who appear to participate with frequency and vigor, despite the limitations that so irritate me.

I don't have the patience.

That Blair sold out to MSM for his new, and decidedly lesser, blog is still beyond my understanding.

TimT said...

All but one of my comments have got through, so far. Some non-MSM blogs moderate comments - a few personal ones, and one or two of the larger group blogs. It's always fun when that happens, you can leave a mildly critical comment on a political site and see how long it is before it disappears! When Antony Loewenstein was a minor presence in the Aussie blog-o-sphere, that was always interesting to see.

I don't know why Blair moved, but probably a large cash bonus was offered to him. He's moved blogs several times before, so in some ways it's not a big move at all.

Caz said...

Ah, I hate the MSM sites, and especially the format, a la the new Blair site. Something about the color, the layout, that irks me. Can't read them for long, and can read comments for even shorter period of time before I can't stand looking at the screen for another second.

Not quite up your alley, but a remarkable number of beauty/makeup blogs require registration to comment - WTF? Register to comment about mascara? Sheesh.

In fact, amazes me the number of people who believe their little blogs are so precious that they want people to register in order to comment. Too pretentious for me.

Don't mind for some, eg, didn't mind on Blair's old blog, didn't bother me at all.

Thought "The Spin" (is it dead now?) was out of the ballpark requiring registration. Eventually attempted to register (after a few years), but never got a response. See, very pretentious!

Guess I'm contrary too.

TimT said...

Oh, I agree. I eventually registered for The Spin, in the last one or two years of its existence, and then only ever made one or two more comments!

Mainstream blogs often have that corporate feel about them I guess, the company running them wants to make sure they fit in with the rest of their product image, making for a generally dull blog. You mightn't have noticed it, but even Sixty Minutes now has a blog. But it's crap, because it has to stay in keeping with the rest of the MSN format. Dull, dull, dull.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you so totally rock.

Wounding the pride of Bolta probably isn't easy, and I like to think that you may have taken him down a peg or three.


TimT said...

Guess it's a mystery that will remain hidden away in the Herald Sun moderation vaults, until the end of time!

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