Thursday, September 10, 2009

A collection of puns looking for a reason

Rye comments
Wheat bread is nice, but rye bread is nicer.

Crisp dialogue
"I like barbecue flavour."

"Me too. But what do you think about salt and vinegar?"

"A little too strong, I'm afraid."

Chipping in
Fried potatoes, anyone?


Maria said...

I am looking forward to having a natter with you someday TimT.

My WV is weakereg.

I am thinking of some weakereg comments. IN a bar:

"I am stronger than that other egg. I don't crack under pressure."

Other egg: "YEAH? You wanna take that bet?"


Some aside: Bet his yolk's all going runny inside NOW, stupid arrogant loudmouth! It's all on the shell, no SUBSTANCE to some of these eggs!


TimT said...

I vaguely remember a weird joke about a person driving his egg to work one day when the yolk was broken. It ended with the punchline, 'yes, but I took it out and it's all white now.'

Tony.T said...

The yolk's on you: what do you call he white of an egg?

TimT said...

Well that certainly leaves me with face all over my egg.

Tony said...

Well, you shouldn't have said "yolk" then. It's albuminium.

TimT said...

Eggstraordinary! Well, I might put that in my biography - 'Memoirs of a Quicher.'

Ann oDyne said...

May I really state you need a lot of bread for a house at Wry River?
Crumbs! You'll think I'm off my loaf.
I'm cut up about it now.

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