Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The effect of the effect on the greenhouse effect effect

Well I've just read the news that climate change is changing. Oh, thanks fellas, that's just great. Now instead of just having to deal with climate change, we're going to have to deal with climate change change. And if the effects of climate change are going to be unpredictable, then who can tell what the effects of climate change change will be?

Of course, there will inevitably be deniers of climate change change, who will try and tell us that the science of the change in climate change is not yet settled. They will insist on scepticism about climate change change on the basis of their previous scepticism about climate change. They will argue that we are not yet able to make accurate predictions about climate change, much less climate change change, and that indeed climate change may not be happening, so that climate change change may not in fact exist: we are certainly going to have to make them sceptical about their scepticism about climate change before tackling their scepticism about climate change change.

There will be others, too, who will insist that a change in climate change may in fact lead to a more favourable climate change for us all, and that if this change in the change is indeed happening, it should be welcomed.

A third group will obviously argue that we need to stop climate change before stopping the climate change change, and that if we are not able to stop the change, then we will have no hope in stopping the change in the change.

Clearly, we must not let ourselves be distracted by these denialists of climate change change, and we must work to turn back the changes in climate change before it's too late for whatever change in the change it might be too late for.


Dan the VespaMan said...

That climate of ours must think it's pretty funny. Just when we think we know what it's up to, it goes and does something else. How do you tell a climate to straighten up and fly right?

TimT said...

Turn your lights off for once an hour every year, use carbon energy but feel guilty about it, and vote Labor/Green. Apparently.

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