Friday, September 04, 2009

Short poem on an important subject

NA'PPINESS. n.s. [nappy] The quality of having a nap. 
- A Dictionary of the English language, Samuel Johnson
Leads to happiness.*

*And crappiness 
Is often, but not always, alleviated by nappiness. 


Legal Eagle said...

My initial thought, as the mother of a young child, was that nappiness must be defined as one's child wearing a nappy. I'm here to tell you that, even in this sense, your post works well. Nappiness leads to happiness because it almost always saves one from crappiness.*

* Note that I said almost always - an unfortunate fact of life

TimT said...

That's exactly what all the google searches for this word tried to tell me too. It's hard to know if Dr Johnson is being entirely serious here, he also includes eccentric coinages like 'Bepiss' and 'Embrothel'. I maintain that 'nappiness' MUST have been thrown into his dictionary on account of the felicitious rhyme with happiness.

Maria said...

I kept thinking of nappies too.

I remember seeing Jerry Springer the Opera and there was that guy with the nappy fetish. I can just imagine Jerry going on about his "nappiness" They should have used it as a script line, and turned his "nappiness, happiness" into a song!

TimT said...

I plan to use it all the time.

Bwca Brownie said...

so long as the nappiness is not the crappiness of the Dirt-Napness.

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