Saturday, September 19, 2009


I was amused recently to see that after US President Obama made a kind-of offensive comment about a boring pop nonentity, it was American ABC news management that ended up apologising. Why? Well, apparently, they had published a comment that had been meant to be: 'off-the-record'. 

It all makes you wonder, though. Is it off-the-record to put on-the-record that an off-the-record comment was off-the-record? Isn't it just possible that the Presidential persona who made the off-the-record comment, and who wanted the off-the-record comment to remain off-the-record, meant it to go on-the-record in the first place? And just why should the media care if his Presidential feelings were hurt anyway? 


Initially NO said...

Some scratchy records around.

TimT said...

Scratchy records all right. It's like my dad's James Galloway flute LP collection.

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