Friday, September 25, 2009

How to make the universe explode

Godwin's Law states that in the course of an internet argument, there will come a point at which someone will make a reference to the Nazis. Blair's Law states that the worlds various idiocies are gradually combining to make one gigantic, useless force. By judicious application of these two scientific principles, you can make the universe explode - in your own home!

1. Get involved in an internet argument about the Nazis. 

2. Insist, against all comers, that Hitler is 'like Hitler', and that all the historical parallels and precedents back up your argument that the Nazis bear important similarities to the Nazis. Call anyone who disagrees with you racists. 

3. The universe will rapidly converge in a naked singularity centred upon Rachel Maddow, and will explode. Easy! 

So kids, now that you know how to make the universe explode in your own home - don't try this at home. 


Dan the VespaMan said...

This probably wasn't a good idea Tim. There will now be an avalanche of youtube videos getting posted of people furiously typing arguments into chat rooms in the hope they can set off the chain reaction you describe.

You know how people are!

TimT said...

Just so long as they don't do it until after the game!

Dale Slamma said...

Hitler has only got one ball.

TimT said...

Himmler had two, but they were very small.

Maria said...

Hitler is sooooo unAustralian.

(Except he likes his Aussie spreads

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