Monday, September 07, 2009

The sum of its somes

Know-it-some: the sort of person who doesn't know very much, and keeps on telling it to you anyway. 

Half-round good guy: A guy who's really impressive at some things but not so crash hot at others. 

Umnipotence: A minor, not particularly powerful deity. 

Tell-some: A person who knows a lot of fruity gossip, but only tells you the uninteresting bits. 

Hmmniscience: A rather uncertain deity. 

Part-seeing: An all-seeing entity which has gone partially blind. 

Bit-consuming passion: A hobby that makes you a little bit emotional for a not-so-long period of time. 

Unfinity: A neverending amount of amounts that, when they are all mounted up, don't amount to much. 

The Ending Story: A book that you are kind of interested in, which nevertheless ends after a moderate period of time. 

Pythagoras's Other Theorem: Some of the square of the hypothetical hypoteneuse of some right-angled triangles is equal to some of the sum of a bit of a part of a portion of the squares of the other two sides. 

UPDATE! - Not to mention Partialitarians, just like Totalitarians, except they're only brutal unforgiving dictators some of the time. 


Dale Slamma said...


TimT said...

I agree. I think.

Maria said...

That's ahhhhsome stuff, Slamma!

TimT, you've definitely given me something to think about.

Sarah Von said...

I love this!

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