Friday, October 16, 2009

Attention, evil masterminds

Evil masterminds,
When you take over the world,
Do it in haiku!

“Attention, humans!
My Death Ray destroys all!
Bow down before me!”

“Meet my demands, or
the world will be sucked into
This howling vortex.”

"Space dragon Fluffy
Has just devoured New York. Please
Make him feel welcome."

It will lessen the
Pain of servitude by
Just a little bit.

There's quite a fun haiku thread at Tim Blair's. This is a slightly expanded version of one of my comments over there.


Steve said...

Hey, two of those aren't right by my reckoning (I'm questioning the middle line.)

I was thinking of posting at Blair's something like this:

Columnist trusts science
to cure his own bowel cancer
but warming: stirs shit

but I thought this may not be taken as being in good taste.

TimT said...

I spotted a mistake in one of them but couldn't be bothered changing it.

I think you should post that poem over there, bad taste never stopped any of the other commenters!

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