Friday, October 02, 2009

Nostalgic reminiscences inspired by recent discussions about that month between October and November – Octember

O do you remember the first of Octember
That time when the first snows of wintumn had passed?
We longed for the rainlight of sprummer to come
And for the sunclouds to vanish at last.

But we were old then, and the seconds were green
And we thought of the future as it might have been.

Have you thought of that fortmonth in Novembuary?
We stayed up all night, for 25 hours;
In the light afternight we walked through the garden
Admiring the late-blooming perennial flowers.

But we were old then, and the seconds were green
And we sang through the days like a washing machine.

Oft-times do I think of that decade in Jarch
When we stood ‘neath the larch and heard a bird sing;
Midlife savings had started – we were frail and wan,
But we jumped and we laughed like a leap year in spring.

But we were old then, and the seconds were green
And the epochs all sparkled like dancing sunbeams.


Mel (who thought it was November but it was actually October) said...

Oh.... this makes me feel better about making a fool of myself. Thanks, Tim. :)

TimT said...

I do it on a daily basis. On Monday I think it's Friday and on Friday I think it's Sunday, and the rest of the week I get absolutely wrong.

Mitzi G Burger said...

Such a lovely and tidy little poem, Tim. I like the idea of an extra month in the year, just like the extra bun in the baker's dozen.

TimT said...

The Simpsons got there before me, with their 'Lousy Smarch Weather' line.

By the way, I went to a Burger book launch yesterday. Long live the ancient and noble clan of the Burgers!

Marshall-Stacks said...

'oct'ober is the tenth month and as such, might better be Dectober following Octember.

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