Thursday, October 01, 2009


(To the tune of Cole Porter's 'You're the Top')

You're the bum!
You're the great Grand Canyon!
You're the bum!
You're Saddam's companion!
You're a malady from a stagnant gulch
You're the gloop in the bin that holds the fruit mulch!
You're the world's arse end,
Not just Antarctic, or Antarcticer, you're the Antarcticest
Baby, at being bums, you're the best!
You're a loser, you're a boozer, you're a slum -
Baby, you're the bum!

(Audience breaks into wild applause and sneers, fade out)


Jo said...

Zingalong now!

TimT said...

Big band zing music.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Are you tawkin to me?

TimT said...

Naturally no, just a post written to prove that you could patronise by song.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

To which, in my opinion, the only appropriate reaction is to pretend to sound offended in one's best Manhattan.

TimT said...

I'm like a coastline house that is so close to the waters it sometimes gets flooded. I'm over-littoral.

TimT said...

In fact I googled 'tawkin' to see if you there was a second meaning you were using to facilitate a pun!

TimT said...

Crooning (to the tune of Bette Midler):

I could soar higher than the beagle!
You are the wind beneath my things.

Maria said...

Bummishness. I can relate only too well, and especially too well of late.

TimT, when in a bummish state ...

I only soar about high as a beetle,
At least no wind can fit beneath my wings!iming

TimT said...

Let's hear it for the bums!

Paul said...

Fantastico, I want to see it live on the TV.

TimT said...

I'm planning the musical now Paul. It'll be the most downlifting musical ever!

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