Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dongles dingling

I bumbled about the house last weekend writing sonnets about robots in love. As you do.

My dongles all dingled, my diodes did too
The day I met you, Zapf 10-24.
My head was aswirl with sub-function 9Q
My circuits aswell with programs galore.

All my old neural pathways were activated,
My protocol presettings popped into place;
Yes, even my 192's were 48-d,
And a rainbow of indicators lit up my face.

But did all your routines click the same way for me?
Did you wish I were yours as I wished you were mine?
For I'm Trash Robot KX from Level ZB
And you're DRED AUTOMATON 999.

How I wanted and wished while my circuits were reeling
That I knew what the protocols were you were feeling.


Shelley said...

Kinky robot going for a DRED AUTOMATON.

TimT said...

Must have been thinking with its dongle.

Paul said...

Haha, either i am bolts or you are nuts

M L Jassy said...

With my new laptop I acquired a neat accessory, a TV tuner produced by some obscure electronics brand, with the product name of 'DTV Dongle Gold'. While I thought this was some curious Taiwanese mistransliteration, I believe the Dongle is actually part of some electronic creature's anatomy. I hope I have not raised any hackles or dongles in that presumption.

Tim, a lovely poem, it reminds me of some of the dilemmas faced by Metal Mickey in his heyday.

TimT said...

Metal Mickey! Never heard of him. Sounds a smart chap though.

Dexter to the rescue!

Cam Black said...

Metal Mickey!!

Boogie boogie.

Wicked poem, dude. Nice one.

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