Monday, October 26, 2009

The reason for the absence of my reason

I've been doing a spot of off-blog writing actually. The way it works is this: I write stuff in my notebook, don't post it on this blog, and then wait for everyone to comment on the non-blog post that I haven't posted. For instance, just this morning, I wrote a poem addressed to my stubble, which was splendid (not the stubble, I mean, but the poem), and I'm just waiting for all of you to comment on it. I can't see how this plan will fail.

I've been preparing a bit for some upcoming events: one is my competing at the state finals for the Australian Poetry Slam, which I've been lucky enough to get into. The other is my set at the Dan O'Connell on Saturday, 7 November, in two weeks time, which should be fun (the Dan readings are always fun anyway, because a lot of poets go along and read out stuff). There's details here on Facebook, which you're all invited to. Not Facebook, I mean, but the Dan. There's less beer on facebook.

And that, folks, is the reason for the absence of my reason.


Irobot said...

That's explains why I didn't find your poem on stubble too short.

TimT said...

I guess that's better than being told 'you're poem which I haven't read is too long'.

TimT said...

I could edit that errant apostrophe out of that last post, but I won't. That's called keepin' it real.

Dan the VespaMan said...

I suspect your poem to be rather coarse but nicely balanced with razor sharp wit and a smooth finish.

Best of luck in the finals.

TimT said...

Well that comment certainly cut to the quick. Thanks Dan, we'll see how it all goes.

Irobot said...

Thank you Tim for not editing my post. Errant apostrophes and a surreptitious S are a product of posting on the run. Work always gets in the way of proof reading.

All the best for the Slam. Feel free to insert that apostrophe at an inappropriate point and I'd put the S aside for future use.

TimT said...

Actually was referring to the errant apostrophe and extra 's' in my post! This is a catapostrophe, Irobot.

Maria said...

Good luck for the poetry slam!

Let us all know how it goes, errant apostrophes or nay.

TimT said...

W'ill d'o!

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