Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Words you won't hear around a nudist colony

(Stomping around the house, lifting various objects up and banging them down again unceremoniously) 

Where are my underpants?

Where are my underpants?

Where are my underpants?

Where are my underpants?

Where are my UNDERPANTS?

Where are my underpants?

Where are my underpants?



Mitzi G Burger said...

Was it Groucho Marx who said "I left them in my other pants"?

Caz said...


I was expecting: "has anyone got a magnifying glass?".

Or: "my, it's obviously colder out today than I thought".

Dan the VespaMan said...

As was suggested to me by a former flatmate when I was uttering those same lines:


This comment was intended to be no help at all and has probably succeeded.

Blandwagon said...

I consider it a point of pride that I always know exactly where my underpants are.

The fact that you do not suggests a questionable moral fibre.

TimT said...

Still not sure what happened to them, but I got a tweed jacket in the mail today. That is an unquestionably moral fibre.

Maria said...

I was expecting the "But I don't have anything to WEAR!"

People often complain about how their workplaces or schools infringe upon their cultural beliefs if they aren't allowed (or would be told they'd lose their job if they did) to wear certain articles, like a Christian cross, or a head covering.

What about nudists? Is a requirement to wear clothes just extremely oppressive?

Many nudists it seems just have to be non-practising during work hours and maybe that really spiritually hurts.

TimT said...

Mmm. (Nods head sagely).

I just find it fascinating how the carefully turned rhymes of the last post garnered no comments (well, one commenter on facebook was saying I was too young to have a midlife crisis, true) and this brief piece about, well, briefs has garnered so much feedback!

WHERE ARE MY UNDERPANTS! One of the deep philosophical questions, all right.

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