Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Eight o'clock again

I think I've mentioned it before, but daylight savings! I hate it! Why do we have to make things so complicated for ourselves? Every day I have to keep on making mental adjustments, telling myself that the time is an hour later than the time used to be, so that I end up having no idea what the time is and even less idea what the time was.

Really, I wonder, wouldn't it be simpler if we passed a little law in parliament making it eight o'clock all the time? Then we'd never have to remember anything else, or make adjustments, because it would simply be eight o'clock. We'd never wake up late, or wake up early, we'd just wake up at eight. Public transport would never be late, or early, it would always be on time; and we'd never, ever, ever get into work late, or leave early, no matter how short a time you spent there. Except, I suppose, if your boss insisted that you arrive in to work at seven o'clock and work until nine o'clock. Which would be just sadistic.

All things considered, though, why don't we embrace this new and progressive approach to daylight savings, by doing away with time altogether, and making every time eight o'clock?

UPDATE! - Oh bugger. Is that the time again? I might be late!

UPDATE UPDATE! - Words that rhyme with late mentioned in this post: hate, eight, update. Wake is also admissible in some states. 


Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

I eight a clock once, but it tasted awful.

TimT said...

I one a clock, but it didn't work.

Maria said...

Daylight saving means you puts the clock forward, lose an hour and spend even more time fiddling over the clock. You don'tsave time at all!

Dan the VespaMan said...

Can we each get to choose our own time? Say, 12'oclock midday for those who enjoy lunch, and 6PM for those who enjoy having a beer after work.

I one a clock two, but not be four I was leight.

TimT said...

Apparently Jesus saves. Is he the one doing all the daylight saving?

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