Friday, January 01, 2010

Avatar brief

I saw Avatar. I liked it.


Mish said...

It was pretty cool, wasn't it? I wonder if they'll be able to deliver a good sequel, which is apparently already in the works.

Mitzi G Burger said...

Sherlock Holmes gets my vote as movie of the summer box office season: have you seen it? You'll love it!

TimT said...

Sequel? My God, they can't help themselves. I'm just not sure how they'll top this one. They probably won't bother putting in half the effort they obviously did for it.

Mitzi, no - but it's on The List.

Caz said...

Critics have panned Avatar, but Cameron isn't known for his subtle plots or snappy dialogue, he's not a sophisticated story teller, can't help himself when it comes to being ham-fisted.

Holmes has been trashed by the critics, even more vigorously. I gather it's Holmes, but not as we know him.

I have to thank James Cameron for so much extra traffic to my blog. Even when I don't post anything, steady flow of fly-bys! Gotta laugh.

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