Saturday, January 30, 2010

New possibilities in verse

A haiku is a traditional Japanese form of poetry, consisting of 17 syllables in three lines.

A senryu is a traditional Japanese form of poetry, similar to a haiku.

A rooku is a Melbourne variation invented by those people who responsible for putting up the horrible poetry in the trains.

I propose an addition to this list:

A fucyu - a traditional Australian form of poetry, consisting of 17 syllables in three lines. All of the syllables except for the last one/two/three consist of swear words, and the last part of the fucyu consists of a person's name!

Other new possibilities in verse:

The grimerick - a limerick on particularly grim subjects.

The coupling rhymlet - just like a rhyming couplet, only pornographic.


Ampersand Duck said...

f*ckin' bloody cat!
sh*ttin' in me f*ckin' hat--
arse-kickin, my oath.

brilliant concept.
how's that honeymoon, is it lingering?

M L Jassy said...

Great new possibilities. Another is that oads are poems written in praise of porridge.

TimT said...

Lingering in a satisfyingly lingersome fashion, & Duck. As you can see. I'm having great fun today avoiding paying all manner of bills. There's a post planned on that shortly.

TimT said...

Mitzi, I feel that Keats would be greatly improved if all his odes were changed to toads. Toad on a Grecian Urn, Toad on a Nightingale, etc. Most amusing!

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