Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Austria Day!

Beautiful to Visit, Perfect to Forget

It's a great place, is Australia -
It's great. I'll tell you why -
So full of towns you can't forget,
Like Gillingong,
And Mungin-dindin-gi.

Er... it's a great place, is Australia:
So I begin my song.
So full of names you can't remember,
Like Coonaranaldarra
And Wagga Wee Waa Gong.

So easy to forget,
I think you'll all agree,
Though you forget them in a nice way -
Fright and Warrunfumble,
Melney and Sydbourne,
And Yiss, and Nay, and Hee.

Although some folks are racists,
And some places have dud bars,
You'll forget them all quite fondly -
And Nar-Nar-Nar-Nar-Nilliga.

It's a great place, is Australia -
I can't remember why -
But still, here's to this nation,
Of Mittiwhon,
And Wallaillabri.


Legal Eagle said...

Love it.

TimT said...

Written after a series of long distance journeys over Chrissy, and sent in at long distance to a certain Melbourne poetry bar over the past week!

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