Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A meeting with celebrity

I saw Skippy in a backyard the other day. Well, I didn't know he was Skippy at the time, but then again, thanks to the limited brain capacity of my four-limbed marsupial friend, neither did he. It wasn't until he lifted his adorable but iconic little arms and made a certain adorable but iconic gesture, just so, that I actually recognised him. I called out at once: "What's that, Skip? Two nasty old men have set up a credit card skimmer in the town Crystal Essences store, and if I don't follow you now a little girl's faith in the Easter Bunny will be ruined forever?" And though he clearly had no idea what I was talking about, I could see that he was right.

Satisfied, I closed the door and went back into the house. A meeting with celebrity! Exhausted with the evening's events, I turned on the television and settled back for some light entertainment.


Steve said...

I assume you are no longer living in a pokey apartment then...

Steve said...

In fact, you sound like landed gentry now. Pip pip.

TimT said...

Ha! I wish Steve. This was in the country.

Steve said...

Oh yes, I think I read the opening "a" backyard as "the" backyard. My error; your loss. I am sure you would make a very fine lord of a manor.

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