Wednesday, January 20, 2010


US company invents, sells sarcasm emoticon symbol SarcMark
EVER wanted to send an email or document with a little sarcasm, but didn't want to risk being misunderstood?

Enter the sarcasm mark or "SarcMark," an emoticon symbol being sold online, MyFox reports.

A mark for being sarcastic?
How WONDERFULLY fantastic!
I am quite enthusiastic
About this bright idea.
It has so much application,
It will case a HUGE sensation,
It's the greatest punctuation
Mark invented yet- this year.
Now let's not get too excited,
Let's not over-emphasise it,
But the mark's been COPYRIGHTED!
In the thousands, in the millions,
In the billions, in the trillions,
In the gosh-gazunk-gazillions,
They'll be wallowing in dosh.
Yes, life for them is sunny,
From now on, it's Armani,
It's butterflies, it's honey,
It is happy and complete.
But me? I'm suicidal.
And I think I'm homicidal,
Plus almost ethno-genocidal -
I am utterly defeated.
I am despair-and-doomy,
I am weeping, sore-eyed, rheumy,
I am voluminously gloomy -
Oh well. I'll get over it.


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