Monday, January 04, 2010

There's a frigidaire in there

Today, I ate two icecreams and measured a fridge. But just imagine if that had happened the other way around, and I'd measured an icecream and eaten two fridges. I'd probably be dead. But my blood sugar count would be down!

I suppose this means that fridges are a 'sometimes' food, not an 'always' food.


lucy tartan said...


Dan the VespaMan said...

But Tim, if you had eaten the fridges, where would you put the icecream?

Feeding on fridges is a frosty folly.

TimT said...

I bought them, down the street, as consolation for it being my first day back at work. Also, I wanted to check whether they (a Cornetto and a Magnum) were still tasty. (They were.)

Holle said...

Hi Tim! Funny stuff you write. Yay! Is the pirate slam on tomorrow at The Alchemist? At 7pm? 7.30?

Holle said...

OK so its on tonight. My mistake. Will have to perform my pirate story at another open mic.

TimT said...

Shiver me timbers! It is on tonight. It's terrible you can't make it! Joey/Crazy Elf changed the date on it last year because he thought Tuesday was better. I only learned about the change just before Chrissy! See you some other time!

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