Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All this and less

Michael Reynolds took this photo of, well, me and a friend on facebook commented that this was 'a poet's expressive face'. Expressive! I thought. I wonder what it's expressing? 'The cat sat on the mat' or something like that? Or possibly 'isn't it funny weather we seem to be having lately?' No idea what the mouth's doing either.

You can see all this, and less, of this expressive face on radio tomorrow (Thursday), with me in interview with Santo Cazzati on 3CR, 9am, 855 on the AM dial, or webstreamed live at If you're really desperate to see as little of my face as possible for as long as conceivable, I'll be on air for half an hour, reading several poems.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog occasionally for five years and had a very clear mind's eye picture of you, which is (not surprisingly) nothing at all like the photo!

(This comment might seem creepy, but hey, that's the internet for you).

Blandwagon said...

That beard terrifies me more with each viewing.

TimT said...

Anon, thanks for reading! Creepiness is part of the internet's rakish charm I reckon. I do the same thing too - I probably have a picture in my head for every author I've ever read. Anyway, as you can guess from Blandwagon below, I looked significantly different up to midway through last year, when I didn't have a beard.

Blanders - me too. The beard is slowly taking me over, growing its terrifying tendrils into my brain. Soon I will be all beard, no man.

phil said...

I'm with a anon. You don't write in a hairy way.

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