Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A most distinct distinction

"Anuresis is inability to urinate; enuresis is incontinence."

There’s many a learned paper
And many a graduate thesis
That’s writ to distinguish in plain simple English
and enuresis.

O it’s woe to those who confuddle
Diarrhoea and diaeresis
What hope have they indeed in their hour of need
To tell
from enuresis?

O send for a doctor of letters
To deliver a stern exegesis
To ease their infection with a syntactic dissection
Of anuresis
And enuresis.

But the trouble for others is double
Yea, the trouble for others increases
It’s as though they are cursed, and it gets worse and worse
If they actually have
Or enuresis.


TimT said...

Not very good, but kept me amused yesterday morning.

Paco said...

I'm rather in awe of it.

TimT said...

An either/awe proposition? Well thanks, anyway!

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