Wednesday, March 09, 2011

More earth hour poems

I think that I shall never see
After that tragic and avoidable incident during during Earth Hour when I fell down the stairwell, which had the effect of permanently blinding me.

Roses are beige
Violets are beige
And everything else
Is even more beige
The newsprint is beige
And so is this page
Beige words and beige paper
Oh wait - it’s The Age.


Deborah said...

Loved the beige age.

lucy tartan said...

Actual LOLs

Dan the VespaMan said...

Maintain the beige rage!

TimT said...

'Beige' is a fabulous word. As is 'puce'. It's a bit hard to believe I haven't used it in a poem until now.

Nowadays I believe nothing is 'beige' anymore - the colour is now 'nude'!

TimT said...

Pleased I seem to have struck a beige chord with you all.:)

Anonymous said...

Tim,what's the difference between a wife, a lover and a prositute?
The prostitute goes, "come on luv, I haven't got all day, time is money"
The lover goes "mmm slower, yeah baby" lol
And the wife she goes "beige"

"I think I'll paint the ceiling beige"



Mitzi G Burger said...

I will light a candle to honor St Beige during holy Earth Hour.

TimT said...

Ruth, Mitzi, I am pleasantly surprised at the many uses to which the humble colour 'beige' can be put.

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