Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Unfunny Unfair

Fun fairs for pessimists

Dreariment park - another name for an Unfunny Unfair. Opposite of amusement park.

Gloomy-go-square - what you ride on at the Unfunny Unfair.

House of horror - they don't have these. The whole Unfunny Unfair is the House of horror.

Violet Grumble - show food that you eat while riding on the Gloomy-go-square.

Show bags - These are what you come out of the Unfunny Unfair with. They're under your eyes.


Caz said...

I'll have a bag of violent grumbles please, choc coated.

Thank you.

TimT said...

With chocolate honeygroan? Coming right up.

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