Sunday, March 27, 2011

My anarcho-communal-freegan-groovy-man-biodynamic-self-composting-kind-to-animals-socialist day

I have had a very anarcho-communal-freegan-groovy-man-biodynamic-self-composting-kind-to-animals-socialist day today. Well, I suppose it's arguable that I often do, but today really was an exceptionally anarcho-communal-freegan-groovy-man-biodynamic-self-composting-kind-to-animals-socialist day. By the way, much as I like the term 'anarcho-communal-freegan-groovy-man-biodynamic-self-composting-kind-to-animals-socialist', it is a bit unwieldy, so for future purposes I'll use the equally accurate, but significantly shorter epithet, 'hippy'. Whatever, dudes.

After lounging around for most of the morning because, like, I had a headache, man, I made vegan (hippy!) biscuits. I put a bunch of them in a box, and got a couple of my zines (hippy!), and set off to the train station (hippy!) and caught the next train in to Thornbury.

After looking up and down High Street for a certain record shop, I finally gave in and knocked on the door of a local anarcho-communal-garden-hang-out type place (VERY hippy!) and asked them - no, they didn't know, but they let me use their computer (hippy!). After finding out I headed down a few blocks to Thornbury Records (hippy! in a nice way) and dropped off several zines (hippy!) there.

Then, I caught a tram to Fitzroy (hippy!) and left another zine (hippy!) and the biscuits (hippy!) for a fellow poet (and hippy!) who was due to come into the cafe later today. There I met the Baron wearing a blue psychedelic floral skirt bought for 50 cents at the Rozelle Market in 2002 (hello, hippy!) and we made our way to CERES, the community environment park (hippy!*) where the Baron promptly frolicked among the lemon verbena (hippy!) and I went and bought a latte with biodynamic milk (hippy!), a soy chai latte (very hippy!), and two slices of vegan banana bread (totally, spaced-out, over-the-moon hippy!)

After a short walk around the park (more opportunity for frolicking, hippy! style, amongst the foliage) it was a short trip back to our commune (hippy!), with me discussing an idea I had for a Biodynamic Self-composting Zine workshop (for real - hippy!, hippy!, and more hippy!). Once we had reached home the Baron aerated the compost (hippy!) while I chopped wood (well... sort of hippy!).

So there's at least 20 counts of hippiness in all of that, I reckon, and to make up for it all now, I'm going to be totally selfish and capitalist and shit:

1) Yes, you've guessed it. I've got a new zine (hippy! okay, that's enough of that) out. Worth $3, which $3 will cover postage costs, if you want a copy. Let me know via email** if you're interested. It's got stuff by me, a bunch of other Melbourne poets, and the famous Nottlesby, amongst others.

2) Thornbury Records. Good shit, man. Lots of, you know, LPs and stuff. Also, they stock some of my zines! So if you're in that neighbourhood you can just go there and buy it from them.

3) Sticky Institute. The zine centre for all of Melbourne. They've stocked a number of my zines in the past and they've got this one too - if you're passing through you can grab one from them. They're open Wednesday to Saturday, afternoons.

*TOTALLY hippy. Check it out, they even have a basket-weaving workshop.

**timhtrain at

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