Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Celebrity, sort of

I heard from a guy who spoke to a guy who knows a guy who implied to a guy who strongly hinted to a guy who demonstrated to a guy who hypothesised to a guy who argued persuasively to a guy who noted to a guy who sent an email to a guy who spoke to a guy who says you're a dick.

But it's okay, I heard from another guy who sent a memo to a guy who dispatched to a guy who posted to a guy who put up a facebook message that was read by a guy who read out a story to that effect on a worldwide television broadcasting station to a whole bunch of other guys who spread the rumour to another guy who chatted to another guy who said, no you're not, you're a cock.

So now I know what they know and you know it too.


TimT said...

Why goodness me, if it isn't my 10 year old self writing a blog post. Get back to bed, you naughty boy.

Shelley said...

So long as you know, I guess.

TimT said...

Yes, thank you, maybe with self-awareness and clear rules my 10 year old self will eventually turn into a responsible young man, but it's a long shot.

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