Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Celebrity, public

Who is James Franco? What is Justin Bieber? How on earth does a River Phoenix (or vice versa)? What on earth are all you people talking about, in the same way that you have been talking about it for the past century?

Is the definition of a celebrity someone or something that everyone else knows about, but I don't?


Anonymous said...

I believe these people are part of a popular beat combo, m'lud!

Steve said...

I must admit, I thought I was half hip for a 50 year old, given that I have youngish kids and all, but I did not recognize Franco either.

I see he was in the Spiderman films.

I thought it might have been the Twilight films.

But I continue to be upset that Selina Gomez is going with Justin Beiber. It'll all end in tears!

TimT said...

Selina Gomez? Justine Bieber? Who going with what?

Blandwagon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blandwagon said...

Justin Bieber? I barely touched 'er!

Chortle chortle

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