Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Liberace clerihews


Never wore Versace
He had a thing
For other bling.

Part artsy part fartsy
More retro than metro
More other than hetero.

Sometimes spoke archly
Now and then played a waltz
And was schmaltz to a faultz.

Played Vivace
Each ostinato
Marked Moderato.


Anonymous said...

Liberace knew how to have a party
with glittering shirt and cherub smile
he took music beyond arty farty
at the piano he played with style
his manicured fingers of great dexterity
dancing on black and white keys with guile
some said he was too glitzy
but he was smart and made a real pile
drank Jooboo juice with jocund revelry
to this day I have his photo on my wall
and oft think about him when I drink sherry

Steve said...

I do believe a post has gone missing. Unless I dreamt it all...Nurse!

TimT said...

I did delete that other post Steve, for several reasons - one being the re-emergence of an old, and stupid, blog fight (over Jeremy's identity), another doubts over the 'Verdant Hopes' hoax - sorry to disappear your comment. My choice was to either present a highly edited version of the post which I didn't think would work, or just get rid of it - so I went for the latter.

Steve said...

Oh. I didn't really see it being controversial at all, what you said. Did someone who did find it controversial contact you about it?

No matter. It was not as important as your Liberace post. :)

My mother went to see him in Brisbane, perhaps in the 1970's or early 80's? It was probably at the old Festival Hall, which was a famously decrepit venue until it was finally pulled down and replaced by an apartment block. I think it would not have been up to his standards.

TimT said...

No, almost a complete lack of controversy about it actually! And I agree, the Liberace post is much more important :)

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