Friday, March 04, 2011

Fine dining for giants

Welcome to George the Giants, the most popular restaurant for giants in the north of Melbourne. We have a wide variety of people to eat on the menu today, from Amelia to Zachary, and meals that range from exquisite epicurean feasts to more simple, homely treats.

Pam & biscuits
Pam & eggs
Pam omelette
Pam sandwiches
Melted Lees on toast
Tomato soup, with added Tom
Fish & chaps (very popular with the kiddies!)
Fresh fingers (kids love this one too!)

The standard BLT - Bob, Larry & Tim. With or without sauce.
Bolognese, with sauce
The United Plates of America
Eggs, with Benedict
or without eggs, just plain Benedict.
A selection of Brain Marie
Alexander the Late
Eric the Dead
Harry Connick, Former
King Henry the Previous
Caesar, and salad
or without salad
Fried Tuck
George Bush the Prior
George Bush the Latter

Sue berry pie
or just Sue without the berries.
Homme Alaska
Nork pie
Spotted Dick, Mick, Rick, or Vic
or just have Dick, Mick, Rick or Vic without the spots
Pavlova, first name Anna
Chocolate Bud cake
Men, with gingerbread
or without gingerbread.

WARNING: If you have an allergy, please be advised, some meals may contain traces of Geoff.


Anonymous said...

I liked fish and chaps :) Can I claim credit for the BLT?

TimT said...

As the 'Tim' part of the BLT, I say yes!

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