Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Almost as good

Our television, which sits in a back room of our house, and is painted gold, with a Richmond Tigers gnome sitting to one side, and the statute of a dancing lady to the other side, is a wonder to behold. We watch it all the time. Some day we may even turn it on. (I think I've commented on this before).

But there are other things to enjoy watching other than the television, people. For instance, you could try Real Life! It's almost as good. Although you can't change channels. Or turn the sound up. Whatever, here are some shows on real life that I've been getting into lately.

Chooks Going To Bed TV: This television show, screening in our backyard from about 8.30 to 9.00, is particularly exciting, and features chooks going to bed. Some very exciting parts of the show include: 1) one chook going to bed 2) the other chook going to bed. And then there's also the bit where Daisy (our clucky third chook who is sitting on an egg) not going to bed because she's already up there. (This show not recommended for children under 10 years of age because I said so.)

Cat jumping over a fence TV: This rather exciting television show starts when a cat jumps over the fence, and then continues as the human looks at the fence and wonders when the cat is going to come back. Sometimes it goes on for the whole day!

Look at it this way people: reality is pretty much like reality television, when it comes down to it. Except, not.

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