Monday, January 23, 2012

The bloodcurdling battle between man and paper bag

The paper bag that held the mushrooms had somehow developed an extra hole in it, so when I took it out of the fridge, all the mushrooms fell out.

I immediately uttered a barbaric yawp*, and, crying, "Stupid bloody mushroom bag," hurled the paper bag across the room.

The paper bag, now unemcumbered by mushrooms, or, apparently, gravity, floated languidly in the air, twisting and twining elegantly in the wind currents that I had no idea existed in the kitchen, and performed several graceful pirouettes before coming to a peaceful rest on the floor, five centimetres from my feet.

You win this round, paper bag. You win this round.

*'Barbaric yawp' - is any other form of yawp possible? What say you, scholars of yawp?


John A said...

Extra hole: did it get wet? One of seceral reasons I prefer plastic, especially if it is raining/snowing/foggy. albeit the main one is I can carry eight bags (equivalent to five paper bags) easily rather than two with difficulty. Doubled (one inside t'other) they make a trip to thr library easier.

TimT said...

Yeah it got wet. I prefer paper to plastic in the fridge anyway because something something something... actually it is because I am a big hippy.

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