Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh, boy! Larson again!

Somewhere I have a cartoon of two dogs exclaiming joyously over their bowls, 'Oh boy! Dog food again!' It's a Gary Larson, of course.

Well, I just tried it on the cats as well, and it worked a treat. I don't mean I fed them dog food. (Or Gary Larson.) No, I went around and waved cat food around in their faces and they came racing into the house joyously, swirling around their bowls waiting for those great steaming lumps of pulpy gunk to plop unceremoniously down before their faces so they could dive down into it.

Cats getting enthusiastic about cat food. Who would have thought it? I mean, here, on the one paw, you have these delicate, graceful, fastidious creatures, who, when they're not sleeping, are washing themselves or silently stalking something with wings. And there, on the other paw, you have this mass-produced slop that stinks to high heaven. It somehow doesn't seem right. Maybe I will try them out on Gary Larson after all.

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