Thursday, January 19, 2012

Piffolous poffolous

You just know when you're reading a political article about Tony Abbott, and you're scratching your head, and the words 'homophilous thought leader' and 'monomorphic thought leader' and 'heterophily' and 'polymorphic heterophil' all appear, and you have no idea what it all means, that you're reading an article by a teacher of political communication. Who else could write such a thing?

Anyway, Tony Abbott is apparently monomorphic and homophilous. Aren't we all, really, from time to time? But the thing that's really getting my knickers in a knot is this: when I get up in the morning, what with all the 'homo' this and 'mono' that and 'philous' every other thing, how am I going to be able to tell my heterophilous from my homophilous from my Sophie Panopolous from my acidophilous, hey? Tell me that.



It's all very confusing.

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