Monday, January 23, 2012

Send a social worker for the social networker

3000 facebook friends
And some are really real.
An evening watching YouTubes
With crackers for a meal.


Nine comments on my blogpost!
A fluffy kitten. SQUEE!
If people like my status,
Does that mean they like me?


Attending three events -
That's just about my day.
OMFG I got
A tweet on Q&A!


Carolyn Cordon said...

If your FB friends give you friendship and bring you happiness, then they're real. I may not ever be able to give you a hug, but I count you as a true friend.

Great little poem, by the way, good one.

TimT said...

You're right but it's a little presumptuous of facebook to be blithely labelling everyone friends. Some might actually be enemies that we want to keep an eye on!

TimT said...

Not you though CC. Thanks for the ongoing support!

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