Sunday, January 08, 2012

Pink punk think thunk

This is a confusing world we live in, what with all those sub-atomic particles whizzing all over the place, the polymorphic diversity of human sexualities polysexing one another here, there, and everywhere, and the ageless mysteries relating to socks. And then there are 'pinks' and 'punks'. One is a flower, the other is a rock musician of the 1970s. One is of the genus Dianthus and is native mainly to Europe and Asia, the other occurs all over the world, although it started in Europe and the US. One is a delicate bloom, sensitive to many changes in the environment, and the other is a plant. Is there any wonder people have been getting the two confused for generations? Well here at this blog, I reckon it's time all this confusion ended and we sorted out this difficult matter for once and for all, so I've drawn up this helpful little chart.

- Grow in the fields, meadows, and in pots by the windowsill
- Often owned by friendly grandmothers
- Come in a variety of attractive colours.
-Can be worn in your ears. Wouldn't recommend wearing in your nose though.
- The Queen likes them.
- Have a pleasant aroma.
- Make the place brighter, more cheerful, and happier.
- Don't grow in the fields and meadows, and probably don't fit very well in pots by the windowsill either.
- They have grandmothers though they probably don't see them much.
- Come in a variety of attractive colours.
- Often have a staple through their nose or ears.
- Pretty sure the Queen doesn't like them, and they don't like her back.
- I wouldn't recommend sniffing them to begin with, you might get an electric guitar over your head.
- Er... hmmm.

In conclusion, here are some pictures of some pinks and some punks. Have a nice day.




Anonymous said...

Both, however, have the tendency to self-seed.

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