Monday, January 09, 2012

Not-so-happy anymore

It was just a week ago we were all going around saying 'happy new year' this and 'happy new year' that. Well there'll be no more of that, thank heavens. This year isn't old, but it's getting there. It's nine days into its increasingly fretful relationship with January, and isn't liking it, let me tell you that. This is a year that's starting to dislike some of January's habits, and is getting ready to move on. But if it thought January was bad, just wait until it starts on with February.

Happy new year? Not if this year's got anything to do with it. What's everyone want it to be happy for anyway? And it was never new for very long anyway. No, it'll be Increasingly-Grumpy-Fretful-Anxious-Inclined-To-Rant-At-The-Smallest-Things-Suffers-From-Aches-In-The-Morning-Swears-At-The-Slightest-Instigation-Ageing-Rapidly-As-We-Speak Year to you, thank you very much.


Mitzi G Burger said...

Today I got cross with people wearing flippers for swimming laps in the pool, so I understand.

TimT said...

It certainly seems like overkill doesn't it.

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